We at Salesquare deeply believe in being fair and square. Thus, we expect the same from our customers. We are a market you can access while sitting at your home. Our website is designed to give you an easy and smooth experience while buying or selling anything you want.!

Ad posting on our website is easy. First, we'll ask you to register and log in. Second, we'll ask you details of the product you wish to sell. These details include the age of the product, the condition, pictures and obviously, the price that you are expecting and viola!We take over from there and check your ad for any error. We notify you if we find any discrepancy and remove it after we inform you. After the ad is checked and verified, we sort your product into its respective category. Our job is to make sure your ad is found by the right buyer in the shortest time possible. At the same time, we expect you'll do your job and provide genuine and accurate information about the product and a reasonable price. Ads rich in details and pictures along with a fair price tag are more likely to attract buyers.

There is no need to be concerned about your privacy. Any details we take from you is never disclosed to a third party. Buyers can contact you over phone, email or any other method of your preference. All channels of communication are monitored and verified to avoid any deceit. You can communicate with the buyer to discuss the transaction. While buying, we highly recommend that you physically verify the product and make sure it’s as per your requirement before making the payment. If any product is not as per details provided in the ad, you can report the seller to us. We want Salesquare to be a safe and honest marketplace and we do our best to eliminate such elements.

We have a dedicated team to deal with frauds and scams. The team works round the clock and monitors the website for any trace of fraudulent ads. It is our primary concern to ensure safe transactions for our customers and root out any form of dishonesty from Salesquare. We verify both ends of the transaction, the buyer and the seller. At our end, we take all the steps to make Salesqaure safe and honest and we expect the same from you at your end. We recommend that you exercise discretion and caution while buying or selling. We at Salesquare never ask for any details of your credit card or bank account and we advise you to never share any such confidential information with anyone. Items with a price much lower than the market value or ads without any contact details are likely to be fake and thus should be reported to us.

We intend to become the medium between and buyers and sellers where everybody wins. Our goal is to provide whatever you want, whenever you want at the price that you think is right. It’s just as we said in the beginning, fair and square.

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